Tiger Roare


Indeed, monsoons in Thekkady are the best time to enjoy nature in its true colours. The Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady is a nature’s treat and, during the months of June and July this treat comes with an added bonus; a cherry on top - the monsoon showers.Watch the rains in the forests, the rain drops bouncing from leaf to leaf, branch to branch and finally falling onto the earth.

Savour the aroma arising from the earth as the first drops of rain falls on the ground, play in the puddles, feel the rains – enjoy them!The Periyar Tiger Reserve is abundantly blessed with both plant and wildlife. The green trees and animals within it along with the rains bring the reserve brimming with life; making it the best time for tourists to visit Thekkady.There are several activities organised as a part of promoting eco-tourism in the reserve.

Some such activities include Periyar Tiger trail, Jungle Patrol, Border Hiking etc.Eco-tourism is promoted in order to develop awareness among tourists and the people nearby, that they too are equally responsible and important for protecting and maintaining the Periyar Tiger Reserve.