Tiger Roare




Jeep Safari is one of the most popular tourist activities in Thekkady. Jeep safari in Thekkady expedition through seemingly impossible-to-drive terrain is a riveting experience. The periyar tiger reserve jeep safari route covers areas with dense vegetation that makes traveling on foot close to impossible, cascading waterfalls and spice plantations. Tourists with a penchant for off-road drives can savor the dual benefits of catching a glimpse of Thekkady's wildlife that rarely venture out into the open and the adrenaline rush of the jeep crawling over boulders and swerving fervently from side to side, all while the driver has the gas peddle to the floor. Troops of langurs and giant squirrels clambering up the huge trees are common sights during jeep safari in Thekkady.
jeep safari

The appearance of an elephant herd or even a tiger out of nowhere is probably enough to sent most people into a frenzy of excitement. But the drivers, being the experts they are, ensure that the jeep does not linger too long around these animals. A welcome departure from on-foot activities offered, jeep safari in Thekkady is a refreshingly novel experience that gets travelers deep inside the jungles and rocky terrian of Thekkady.

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